Product Assurance
Product Assurance

Production Management

Production Management

At Azuma Foods (Canada) Co., Ltd (AFCC), we have custom designed our food processing equipment to automate many different aspects of the manufacturing process.

We have been able to lower our manufacturing costs through better cost and yield management accomplished by improvements in our information record management system during our manufacturing process.

AFCC uses a proprietary computer management system to connect its various departments, providing real time production planning which leads to more efficient manufacturing, storage and shipping in order to meet our customers' and market needs.

Food products may look the same to some, but each different type of food material has different characteristics. A high degree of skill and technology is required to produce each individual product with consistent quality. We are able to consistently deliver our products with high quality due to the experience and expertise we have developed over the years.

AFCC will keep evolving by providing the new "food culture" in response to our customers' food needs.


MAS freezer AFCC has MAS freezing technology.

When food is frozen, the size of ice crystals created during the freezing process has a direct influence on the quality of the frozen product. Based on the smaller size of the ice crystals, we can expect a much higher quality frozen product.

Our MAS freezer is a new type of freezer which obstructs the formation of ice crystal. With conventional freezers, ice crystals expand and break down cell membranes, causing excessive drip, releasing taste and flavor during thawing. With the MAS freezer, magnetic and electromagnetic waves act on the hydrogen atoms of H2O molecules of food products. This obstructs hydrogen bonding of the H2O molecules that develop ice crystals and at the same time, aligns the molecules in the food product. As a result, the cell membranes are not destroyed. This allows the freshness, taste and flavour of the food product to be retained as there is less drip upon thawing.